Activated Charcoal Before Bed

How to use activated charcoal against excess weight

Activated Charcoal Before Bed

can activated charcoal help lose weight

Taking activated charcoal before bed can be a great way to detoxify your body and fight the negative effects of drinking alcohol. Studies have found that taking activated charcoal before bed after drinking alcohol can help you get rid of all the toxic components in your system.

It has an extremely high surface area for absorbing toxins and chemicals, which helps absorb these substances quicker and more effectively. Taking activated charcoal is an affordable method for purging harmful substances from your system, which is one of the reasons why it’s commonly added to beauty products!

Activated charcoal has been used in hospitals and emergency rooms as an antidote when the patient consumes poison-like chemicals. It is also used in curing hangovers and lowering cholesterol. The benefits of activated charcoal have been known thousands of years ago, and it was finally used in medicine a century ago. However, taking activated charcoal before bed only became popular in the last several years.

Taking activated charcoal before bed is not only to detoxify your system. You can use it to lose weight as well. It is widely used in many weight loss products because of its ability to absorb water and toxins. It is also widely used in beauty products because it can help you achieve fairer skin and reduce acne.

Origin of Active Charcoal

activated charcoal origin

Its history date back to Egyptians as far back as 3750 B.C. It was used as cosmetics and medicine. Egyptian Medicine consisted of a mixture of charcoal and water along with a powder known as pumice. The pumice dried out the skin by scraping off the top layers of skin cells. They believed that through this remedy, one could gain a clearer complexion and smooth, soft skin. They also drained any abscesses by applying a thin layer of the thinned-down charcoal on them and then removing it once they were healed.

Even though they used it at the time, it wasn’t used widely for medical purposes till 50 A.D. If you take it for the body, it makes the body clear itself naturally. It has a natural ability to absorb toxins and poisons, making it a tremendously effective tool for detoxification.

It’s not only helpful against poison ingestion but also is great for helping your body break down fat as well. If your body becomes toxic from chemical exposure and turns to fat, you can’t help but lose weight because fat won’t be going anywhere unless you make an effort at clearing toxins out of your system.

Effect of Activated charcoal on weight loss

Alongside L-carnitine, activated charcoal is one of the most effective weight loss aids available. It binds toxins in your body which reduces the absorption of fat and lowers cholesterol also. The best thing about charcoal is that, if you consume it along with other diet supplements, it helps to speed up the metabolism.

High surface and more pores of activated charcoal are responsible for this. It’s believed that by using more activated charcoal, more toxins and excess fats get removed faster. It is not a very expensive product. To use it regularly you don’t need very much of it.

Effect of L-carnitine on Weight loss

l-carnitine weight loss research

L-carnitine is a nutrient and dietary supplement that is found naturally in the body. It plays a critical role in the metabolism and fat-burning process of the body. Another great aspect of L-carnitine is its ability to regulate fat synthesis and breakdown processes in the body.

It does not affect weight loss but it helps in maintaining one’s healthy weight by regulating the digestion system that causes stomach problems. L-carnitine helps control catabolism, different reactions that happen within the body which can lead to weight gain or sudden loss of appetite.

In addition to this, L-carnitine also maintains healthy levels of insulin, which plays a vital role in increasing metabolism and nutrient absorption rate by increasing the level of glucose levels available inside the bloodstream.

L-carnitine is considered the most powerful metabolism booster alongside weight loss pills. People who are suffering from health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure can benefit from L-carnitine as it helps them improve their nutrition levels by regulating the body’s fat production system.

The best way to take activated charcoal and L-carnitine together is to drink one capsule of L-carnitine with a small scoop of activated charcoal for three months. It is also recommended that you should have at least 1g of protein per kilogram of your body weight every day.

How to Use Activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is best taken with a glass of liquid. It can be taken as often as needed. You should also avoid taking activated charcoal with other medications and supplements. Consult your physician before using it if you have any medical condition like HIV or hepatitis B or C or epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding and are taking medication, consult your doctor before consuming activated charcoal. Do not apply the solution if your eyes are irritated or closed. Do not use activated charcoal if you have any medical condition

Activated charcoal drink health benefits

activated charcoal drink health benefits


Activated Charcoal’s effectiveness at absorbing toxins and poisons is aided by the high surface area of its porous outer shell. It has a high affinity for toxins as well as enzyme deficient materials. Its effectiveness in removing toxins increases over time, so it becomes important to use this substance consistently.

Prevents a hangover

Hangovers are caused by alcohol consumption which has toxic effects on your body and brain and can lead to nausea, vomiting, headache, and dizziness after heavy drinking. Studies have shown that taking activated charcoal before bed can help you get rid of all harmful effects of drinking alcohol in the next few hours after you had consumed it.

Reduce excess gas accumulation

The activated charcoal absorbs all the gases from your intestines. It also removes toxins and impurities from the intestines and bloodstream while leaving waste materials behind, so you can have a regular bowel movement without the need to use a laxative.

Studies have also proven that taking activated charcoal before bed immediately after drinking alcohol can help reduce these effects by removing all kinds of toxins, especially harmful chemicals associated with liver irritation and cirrhosis.

Lower cholesterol levels

The activated charcoal restricts the absorption of dietary fat in your intestines. This allows your body to absorb more nutrients and prevents intestinal conditions like diarrhea and gas.


The activated charcoal is very effective in removing toxins from your skin, which causes premature aging of the skin. Activated charcoal helps remove all toxins from the body, thereby giving you clear and healthy skin and improving blood circulation as well. Regular intake of this substance also prevents any kind of blockage from occurring in blood vessels, which can be very harmful to humans if not treated on time.

Teeth whitening

The enzyme in activated charcoal, called lignin, is highly absorbent of fats and impurities. The very presence of this enzyme in the product makes it great for teeth whitening. The activated charcoal has been used to whiten teeth though it also removes stains and make-up.

Treatment of bladder stones

For people who suffer from bladder stones or cystitis (urinary tract infection) due to bacteria buildup in the urinary tract, drinking initiation capsules can be very helpful to remove various kinds of toxins and bacteria, which are causing such problems. You should drink the capsules only after a doctor has first prescribed them or after consulting with a doctor regarding your condition.

Black Latte

Black Latte

Although activated charcoal and L-carnitine can be used independently when it comes to treatment to lose extra pounds, today, there is a product that is a mixture of these two ingredients. It is a Black Latte slimming drink.

Composition and effect

Along with activated charcoal and L-carnitine, Black Latte has two more ingredients in the correct ratio: coconut and Omega 3 fats. Here’s how the ingredients work in this natural weight loss product.

Activated carbon

It prevents the absorption of fat from food and its accumulation in the body. It has been shown to work successfully on as much as 80% of ingested fat. It also breaks down and removes old fat deposits and eliminates toxic substances from the body.


Removes and thins excess subcutaneous fat tissue. It eliminates cellulite, relaxes the skin, and helps tighten the skin after weight loss.

Coconut milk

It stimulates the acceleration of metabolism, in charge of removing internal fat accumulated in the area of ​​the hips and abdomen.

Omega 3

It increases the level of leptin – the hormone responsible for the rate of fat breakdown in the body. It is known that your body cannot produce Omega 3, so you must consume it through your diet to lose weight.

How is it used?

Add a small spoonful of Black Latte to a cup of hot water.

Drink once a day during breakfast.

Recommended duration of treatment – 1 month

activated charcoal powder health benefits


Is the potion safe to use?

Yes, it contains only 100% natural ingredients.

What is the primary function of the product?

The drink is primarily intended for people who have excess weight and cellulite.

Does the drink expel toxins from the body?


Can women and men use this drink?

Definitely! Of course, the drink breaks down fat in both women and men.

Is using Black Latte complicated?

No, it is drunk once a day in plain water.

How long does it take to see the first results?

After a month, you can lose up to 10 kg. After three months, even 20 kg.


All in all, taking Black Latte can be highly beneficial to your health in many ways. In addition to losing weight, this is a great way to reduce harmful toxins in the body and strengthen the immune system.


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Activated Charcoal Before Bed

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